UltraSurf For Older Generation Iphones

Tue 07 February 2017 by Sherry


One of the features supported equally by new generation and old generation devices is the possibility to install a VPN configuration on your iPhone. Creating a private network will help you protect your files from unauthorized access and will even help you to unblock some of the websites not available in your region. It is possible to choose any VPN provider to your liking. If you are uncertain which service to choose, we hope that our reviews will prove helpful. Make sure to check out HMA review, as it offers the best price ever!

Here is how you can do it

1. Go to Settings – General


2. download ultrasurf Go to Network – VPN – Add VPN configuration


Choose PPTP

3.Add settings provided by your VPN service

4. Do not be put off by the Description field – you can name it whatever you want

5. Server name – will be provided by your VPN provider

6. Account Name and Password will also be given by your VPN provider

7. Turn off your RSF secure ID

8. Turn encryption level to Auto

9. Turn Send All Traffic to ON

10. Press Save

Now you can turn back to home settings. If you have done everything right, your home settings will look this way


Now, you can easily turn your VPN on or off. While it is on, you will enjoy total confidentiality and high security while browsing or transferring data!