Netbook 3G 4G Mumbo Gumbo?

Tue 06 December 2016 by Sherry

A netbook is smaller version of the laptops that we all use. Netbooks were manufactured to target a particular section of the computer users. Surveys showed that computer users used laptops predominantly to access the internet. With the introduction of wireless network access users wished to carry their laptops outdoors with them. They wanted to use the laptops to be a part of the new revolution of social networking and web 2.0 sites.

However many users said that they found it too cumbersome to carry their 14 inch or more laptops which were bigger and heavier than what they wished for.
To meet this demand netbooks were introduced into the market. Netbooks have taken the market by storm because they are small, lightweight and comparatively cheap. Netbook 3G come in screen size varying from 7 inches to 10 inches. As users would use the netbook only to access websites they would not require large screens.

There netbooks got rid of the optical drive. You would not be able to access CDs or DVDs on a netbook. But with the advent of cloud computing you would not need a CD. You can store all your data on cloud server farms and access the data from anywhere around the world as long as you have access to the internet.

A netbook 3G has inbuilt 3G technology which means you would not need to buy a standalone USB 3G dongle to access internet using 3G. Netbook 3G is equipped to take advantage of high speed third generation mobile internet networks. They also come with built in WIFI adaptor which means you can access the wireless internet in your home or outdoors. This feature make the netbook very popular with college students who can use the netbook in the classroom to take notes as well as access the internet using the WIFI connection available on the university campus.

Netbooks come with a 3 cell battery thus the absence of an optical drive and a 3 cell battery makes the netbook very light to carry around. The netbooks also have a smaller version of the operating system which is targeted just for netbooks laptop riser. This makes the netbook boot up quicker than normal laptops allowing you instant access to the internet.

As the netbooks are priced lower than normal laptops they are very popular with college students who can afford netbooks rather than laptops. Netbook 3G are perfect if you are someone who uses internet for long time every day.